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Opportunity for more Freedom and Independence

Cheaply independent, PM-International has a sound economic basic. Our collateral percentage has ended 60% – about twice as much as the standard home equity funds of other medium-measured firms, which costs it triple A+

Perspective Statement

Rolf Sorg - Founder & CEO of PM-International AG
Rolf Sorg - Founder & CEO of PM-International AG

Throughout the world market place leadership inside the advancement and distribution of substantial-quality items for wellness, health and fitness and sweetness.


PM-International lay out to accept the steer inside the international distribution of top quality, decreasing-advantage items for well being, fitness, and beauty — from inside and outside.

Best 100 Direct Sales Companies

An economically independent family members company
Ranked #10 on Direct Selling News Global 100: The Top Direct Selling Companies in the World

Our vision and mission resulted in numerous awards and prizes for PM-International and its Founder and CEO, Rolf Sorg.

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PM-International numbers more than

•768 Million merchandise sold

•53 Nations throughout the world

•2.11 Billion US$ gross product sales

•27 Many years of encounter

•16 Clinical professionals

•35 Subsidiaries

•77 Patents

•3000 Sponsored youngsters

OUR Most recent Prizes

A great company, positioned one of the best throughout the world

Our Background

With no past there is absolutely no upcoming

1993 – PM launched as PM Cosmetics GmbH

1995 – Initial FitLine food health supplement item, Q10

2000 – Charity Plan began

2002 – Elected as one of Germany’s TOP 100 most revolutionary firms the very first time.

2003 – Development into Parts of asia

2004 – 100 million euro yearly income

2008 – 30th Marketplace opened

2011 – Logistic and Management Center Switzerland constructed

2012 – Administration Obstruct created at PM Logistic Middle Europe in Speyer (Germany)

2015 – Formal opening of Head office Luxembourg and Asia Pacific

2018 – News Journal NetCoo Business of the Year 2018 / 2019

2019 – 1 billion US$ once-a-year product sales

2021 – Swiftest growing direct selling organization in the world 2021

Maps Distribution Network of PM-International

Maps PM International

International Headquarter

International Headquarters, Luxembourg

Regional Headquarters

Kantor PM International

Products Competenies

Competencies PM-International


Dealing with the most effective

In 2016, PM-International AG signed a tactical collaboration agreement using the Luxembourg Institution of Science and Technology (Checklist), a study and Technology Company that builds up sophisticated technology and provides innovative goods and services to business and modern society.


In 2019, PM-International substantially led to the roll-out of the Josef Ressel Zentrum with the College of Employed Sciences Top Austria.


Thanks to these cooperations, PM-International will significantly improve its research and advancement actions with the purpose of creating impressive biography-dependent dietary supplements for health, physical fitness, wellness and beauty merchandise collections.

What Is NTC® (Nutrient Transports Concept)?


The unique Nutrient Transfer Principle (NTC®) delivers the nutrition exactly if they are essential and where they may be essential – on the cell degree, from in and out.


An incredible potential for much more freedom and self-reliance

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