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Why is NTC (Nutrient Transport Concept) so special

PM-International will be the only organization in the world to make use of the distinctive Nutrient Transport Concept, which improves the bioavailability of nutrients and vitamins. Within the last 17 years, NTC continues to be continuously better with a table of technological professionals, who are derived from various specialties. NTC improves the bioavailability of nutrients and is dependant on a synergistic effect and system of measures for top good quality substances. The special microSolve® technology is a crucial facet of this idea and increases the normal water solubility and bioavailability of vitamins as well as other enhancing components such as Q10 and Omega3 essential fatty acids.

  • NTC’s unique Nutrient Transport Concept, provides nutrients and vitamins exactly where they can be required, exactly when they are essential, on the cellular degree. In the in and out.”

In which does the fructose in Fi-tLine items originate from?

The fructose in FitLine goods is extracted from beets. The fructose information arises from many fruits, in addition to from added fructose. In the course of item design, fructose acts mostly sensory functions (sweet preference and structure) and is also a carrier for several nutrients.

Exactly why is sweets usually referred to as very first on the component collection?

The ingredients on the ingredient list usually are not prepared by benefits to the human body, nevertheless in quantitative order. A list of elements is purchased in accordance with authorized allowances. Value added and prepared elements including vitamin supplement D3 are only able to be listed in g and for that reason automatically show up at the end of the element checklist.

How many calories do Fit-Line items have?

You can get a complete breakdown of the caloric information per helping of FitLine goods CLICK HERE

Where by managed the Q10 in our Fit-Line come from?

The Q10 inside our FitLine merchandise is extracted from plant-centered natural components using a fermentation approach. The fermentation process stands out for your purity and quality of its uncooked materials. Special microSolve® technological innovation further refines the high high quality natural materials in our FitLine Q10 and Coronary heart DUO. The acquired MikroSolve® Q10 stands out due to its elevated h2o solvency and high bioavailability.

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Where perform the omega-3 essential fatty acids in your Fit-Line items are derived from?

For our own FitLine merchandise, we exclusively make use of a special mixture of high quality EPA and DHA unique omega-3 fatty acids from sea seafood. Organic natural supplies you can find today will not meet the requirements and requirements of high quality merchandise. Our unique microSolve® technological innovation is commonly used to perfect omega-3 essential fatty acids and helps raise the h2o solubility and bioavailability of fatty acids.

Do all FitLine products offered contain the natural sweetening representative stevia?

The natural sweetener in your FitLine merchandise is proprietary stevia. Our items will gradually be converted to this good quality raw fabric. New product introductions are occurring little by little, but by very early 2017 on the newest in just about every region around the globe.

So why do Fit-Line merchandise with stevia style so great and precisely what does this pertain to “masking” stevia?

The special style of FitLine’s stevia products is caused by a unique taste technology. Natural, sour preference itself is covered, or rather “protected”, by our very own special stevia. A persons mouth eliminates numerous senses of style (sensory tissues), which change the feeling of flavor. The parts of sour, sugary, salty and umami, sour are one of those five feelings of style. Generally speaking, apart from fairly sweet receptors, stevia activates receptors for sour as well. Using our distinctive stevia, only the sweet receptors are stimulated and also the bitter preference is absent.

Where by does the citric acid solution in Fit-Line goods originate from?

The citric acidity in FitLine products is extracted using a normal fermentation process, which happens to be extracted from unprocessed supplies that contain carbohydrates (eg beets or corn). Citric acid is extracted by a similar fermentation process dating back to multiple hundred years. On the other hand, producing citric acid taken from lemons can be a multilevel chemical approach. Below existing conditions, this technique is not very green, mainly because it requires a variety of chemical compounds. Citric acid solution, which is extracted by fermentation process from natural supplies is very real and possesses an exceptional which is tough.

What do i need to be aware of in terms of lactose intolerance?

Virtually all FitLine products are lactose free!

You will find a wide array of lactose-free FitLine items Just click here


In basic principle, when it comes to lactose intolerance, we can realize that the level of intolerance varies individually for each person. For the most part, merchandise made up of only a modest amount of milk do not create a challenge for most people with lactose intolerance.

Are Fit-Line items suited to vegan diet programs?

Most of FitLine’s products are compatible with vegans!

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Are Fit-Line merchandise gluten free?

Almost all FitLine goods are gluten free of charge!

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Have all Fit-Line products been altered to contain only the all-natural sweetener stevia?

We use exclusively stevia as a natural sweetener within our FitLine goods. All FitLine goods are already altered to consist of this top quality uncooked fabric. Every time sweeteners will not be necessary, we shall, needless to say, continue to continue to keep our items free of sweeteners.

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